11361 macular degeneration

11361 Macular Degeneration

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Macular degeneration occurs when the macula, located at the center of your retina, degrades, taking with it your central vision. It is the single most common reason for vision loss after the age of 60, and can form and develop at any time from 40 and up. And at New York Cornea Consultants, you can expect expert medical care for your 11361 macular degeneration.

There are two types of the disease: dry, which accounts for about 90% of cases; and wet, which comprise the other 10%. Unfortunately, symptoms are not available to alert you to the problem until the condition becomes advanced. That means you could have the disease, and it may be progressing, without any noticeable indicators. It’s for that reason that everyone 40 or older should be screened on a yearly basis. Determining your 11361 macular degeneration includes a comprehensive eye exam, along with specific testing that is targeted to this disease. One such method is the Amsler Grid, a pattern of straight lines that could appear wavy, or as if some of the lines are missing. Additional testing is performed as necessary to reach a conclusive diagnosis. Among the possible signs that our retina specialist will be looking for are the appearance of new blood vessels in your eyes, which would mean the wet form of the disease. There is no cure for your 113561 macular degeneration, whether it is wet or dry. The best way to approach it is to slow its progression and work with you to maximize the vision you still have, which can be done with the assistance of lifestyle adjustments, devices, and possibly surgery.

One thing is certain, which is that the more quickly you are diagnosed, the better the outcome is likely to be. So we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our office right now to come in for a screening as part of your yearly visit for a complete eye exam.

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