Dry Eye Treatment in Queens

Treatment For Dry Eyes

There are many benefits to visiting an eye doctor regularly. Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook their eye health because they do not know just how important it is to their overall health. All sorts of patients should schedule annual eye exams. Some people think that it is only necessary to visit the doctor when they are experiencing signs and symptoms, but you may not even know you have symptoms until they are identified by an eye care professional, such as our doctors here at New York Cornea Consultants. Some eye conditions can seem just like everyday irritants or allergies, such as dry eye, but our eye doctors in Queens can provide you with a proper diagnosis and the proper treatment for dry eye.

Dry eye symptoms may feel or seem synonymous with seasonal eye allergies, and we here at New York Cornea Consultants can help determine whether you have this syndrome with a simple eye exam here in Queens. As the name would suggest, dry eye syndrome is particularly known with very dry eyes which may feel itchy, irritated, scratchy, and they might even burn. You may also be experiencing eye fatigue, increased irritation to smoke or wind, difficulty

11361 BOTOX Cosmetic

11361 BOTOX Cosmetic

wearing contact lenses, sensitivity to light, you may experience blurred vision among other symptoms. Dry eye syndrome can not only be uncomfortable but it can also make your eyes incredibly more sensitive to injury, irritation and infection. Dry eye syndrome is often caused by the eyes’ inability to produce proper, lubricating tears. Tears help protect your eyes from irritants and help clean out the eye if debris, particles or other airborne substances should get caught in your eye. If these things cannot be properly flushed out, they can create eye infections or even lacerate your cornea or eyelid. Additionally, tears that fail to lubricate your eyes can make it more difficult for your eyes to heal from such lacerations or irritations.

Dry eye can be treated, but the first step is to identify it. Prescription eye drops or ointments can be used to keep your eyes properly lubricated. Self care can also include staying hydrated, using eye drops, and protecting your eyes from dryness, UV rays and any wind or sun. If you experience any of these symptoms, call us and set up an appointment with us here at New York Cornea Consultants in Queens today.

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