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Fresh Meadows eye doctor

Fresh Meadows eye doctor

Thank you for visiting New York Cornea Consultants, your expert eye doctor specializing in dry eyes, optical care, vision correction and other vision conditions. Dr. Michael Erenhaus, MD, has been providing the residents of Bayside, New York with the finest eye care practices in the county for many years. To schedule an appointment with our Fresh Meadows eye doctor, call us today for more information.

Dry eye syndrome is a common problem that can be chronic or seasonal. Chronic dry eye can happen as a result of a lack of tear production, or a lack of high quality tears. If eyes do not produce enough tears, they cannot keep up with evaporation. Windy and sunny conditions can exacerbate the problem, as can dry conditions. If the problem stems from lack of quality tears, the eyes will not be lubricated properly. Females, the elderly, those with rheumatoid arthritis and those who have had LASIK surgery are more at risk for these problems. Dry eyes can not only cause discomfort, but also corneal damage if not treated properly. Our Fresh Meadows eye doctor may recommend some treatment options such as eye drops and avoiding allergens that can irritate eyes. Prescription pills and prescription eye drops may also be administered for more severe cases.

If these treatment methods do not handle the problem properly, our Fresh Meadows eye doctor may recommend surgery or specially designed tear duct plugs to help resolve the condition. Along with dry eye treatment, we also offer cornea transplants, treatment for keratoconus, and cataract surgery. Cataracts are caused by a clouding of the natural lens of the eye so that light cannot reach the retina for vision. If left untreated, it can cause blindness or vision loss over time. Cataracts come on slowly and may not cause vision loss at first, so patients are not aware that they have it. We recommend coming in for an eye exam at least once per year to check eyes for diseases and conditions that may not be noticed otherwise on a regular basis, such as glaucoma. Glaucoma can also come on slowly and without warning.

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