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Collagen Injections in Great Neck

Great Neck Collagen
Great Neck Collagen

The way you look plays an outsized role in how you feel. It can be argued that it isn’t the way it should be, but it’s undoubtedly he way it is. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to look younger? With collagen injections here at New York Cornea Consultants, you can restore that youthful look in an area that is most likely to reveal age, and that’s around your eyes.

If you’re not familiar with our Great Neck collagen, it’s a filler that is used to smooth out skin and reduce the visual drawbacks of things like crow’s feet and wrinkles. Have you ever noticed that when you wear sunglasses, people upgrade their opinion of how youthful you look. Well, now you can get that same result without covering your eyes up. Collagen is naturally produced by your body, and is in the second layer of skin, just beneath the surface. It acts to support the structural integrity of your skin. When you’re young, this means that your skin is resilient and flexible, and it snaps back into its normal look after you laugh, smile, frown, squint, or otherwise make facial expressions that put pressure around the eyes. Over time, though, loss of natural collagen leads to loss of skin elasticity. Thanks to our Great Neck collagen injections, you can return to a level of elasticity that is much more reminiscent of when you were young. And because of that, you will look younger, and consequentially feel younger. Don’t settle for creams containing collagen. They only work on the surface of your skin. Injections get beneath that first layer to really give you the effect that you desire. And because our eye doctor is skilled and experienced in performing this procedure, you can feel 100% confident.

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