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Keratoconus in Great Neck

Great Neck eye specialist
Great Neck eye specialist

Here at New York Cornea Consultants, keratoconus is a disease for which we specialize in diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment. Early detection is keys, so if you notice any of the symptoms we list below, be sure to come in for a comprehensive examination.

Your corneas are typically round when they’re healthy. With keratoconus, the corneas becomes weakened and the protein fibers that allow them to maintain their natural shape degenerate. The result is that the corneas become more conical in shape. The most common ages for developing it are from teens up through age 30, though there is no specific age that is excluded. Our Great Neck eye specialist wants you to know that there is genetic link for this disease, so if you have it then your child is likely to, and should be screened beginning at age 10. The typical indications of keratoconus are blurry vision, eye strain, difficulties driving at night, unusual sensitivity to light, halos that appear around light in your field of vision, eye pain, headaches, and a desire to rub your eyes excessively. Treatment from our Great Neck eye specialist will depend on how far the disease has advanced. Corrective eyewear is the first option, and for many it will be sufficient for a time. Keratoconus is a progressive condition, though, so it is going to worsen. Fortunately, one of the ways that you can achieve improvement for the effects of this eye disease is with an advanced new treatment option that combines special riboflavin supplements with ultraviolet light therapy. It’s an exciting innovation that can slow the advancement and result in improvement. There is no cure, however, and the only way to achieve a permanent outcome is corneal transplant surgery.

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