Great Neck Vision Therapy

Great Neck Vision Therapy

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Vision Therapy in Great Neck

There are times when our patients feel as if there is nothing to be done about their vision issues, but in most cases we at New York Cornea Consultants do have solutions. Not everything can be permanently cured, but there are treatment and management options that are remarkably effective. And this certainly true when it comes to our Great Neck vision therapy.

The way that it works is that you are given a series of eye exercises to perform and repeat, which are designed to mitigate the impact that childhood vision problems are having on you in adulthood. The conditions that we’re referring to include most prominently amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and double vision. They share one common trait, which is that they all originate in the brain, and the connection between it and your eyes. There are also some learning disabilities and reading disabilities which can be positively affected by our Great Neck vision therapy. The exercises that are part of it are done right here at our office, under the direction and supervision of our eye doctor. You may also be asked to do some on your own at home, between visits. The goal of these exercises is not to strengthen your eyes, but to train them. There is nothing particularly difficult about our Great Neck vision therapy. All you need do is provide the time and effort. Typically, the ideal schedule will be one or two times weekly for about 30 to 60 minutes. And while results cannot be guaranteed, most patients do find a progressive improvement in their vision. The indications of your previous issues may still exist, but shouldn’t be as prominent.

You have virtually nothing to lose and very much to possibly gain. So please reach out to our office to arrange an appointment soon.

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