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At New York Cornea Consultants, we take the well-being of your eyes very seriously. This means diagnosing and treating corneal diseases such as keratoconus. It typically affects you in your teens up until the age of about 30. This does not mean it cannot occur in anyone older than that, just that it most commonly is found in those who are younger. Our keratoconus treatment in Queens is designed to detect it in its early stages and to determine the best way to address it depending on the severity of it and what works for your individual circumstances.

Keratoconus is defined as when the cornea bulges outward, taking on a conical shape instead of its normal round shape. It’s a disease that is often genetic in nature. Children are far more likely to get it if their parents had it. Ideally, your children should be screened for it at 10 years of age. Some allergies are linked to a greater risk of keratoconus, but for the most part its exact origins aren’t known. As the disease forms, your cornea is weakened by a degeneration of the protein fibers in your eye that are responsible for allowing it to keep its proper shape. This process might happen gradually over the course of a few years or more rapidly. Symptoms that may indicate that keratoconus is occurring include blurred vision, eye strain, problems driving at night, unusual sensitivity to light, halos appearing around light in your field of vision (particularly at night), excessive eye rubbing, eye pain, and headaches. A definite diagnosis is formed as part of an exam, after which our keratoconus treatment in Queens¬†will take place.

The first and easiest way to address keratoconus is with eyeglasses. Contact lenses may provide better vision if eyeglasses don’t adequately address the problem. Both of these solution might be temporary, though. If the degeneration continues, a cornea transplant may be required to properly treat it. This means surgically removing the center of your cornea, replacing it, and then stitching it back into place. Our keratoconus treatment in Queens¬†will strive to give you the best possible vision throughout the diagnosis and management of your disease.

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