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Your cornea is the clear part of your eye at the front of it. Light passes through your corneas, focusing on your retinas and allowing you to see. You cannot see properly without a well functioning cornea. If your corneas have become defective, it is the right time to call New York Cornea Consultants. Cornea transplants have a high rate of success. Put yourself in the hands of our Bayside ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Ehrenhaus. You can feel confident in Dr. Mike’s extensive experience in cornea transplants. He has trained with some of the world’s leading authorities on corneal transplants and has been involved in the care of thousands of patients.

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Bayside Queens Eye Surgeon

Among the reasons for a defective cornea can be keratoconus. This is a degenerative disease that causes the cornea to thin and lose its normal shape. Trauma or infections that may lead to corneal scaring are other possible causes for a malfunctioning cornea. In some cases, hereditary diseases such as lattice dystrophy and Fuchs’ dystrophy can also be responsible for a deterioration of the cornea. Regardless of what the cause is, our Bayside ophthalmologist can address the problem with a cornea transplant.

A full cornea transplant, which is also called a penetrating transplant, is one in which all of the cornea’s five layers a replaced. A full cornea transplant is not always needed, however. A partial, also called a lamellar transplant, replaces only some of the layers. As part of a consultation and preparation with our Bayside ophthalmologist, your options will be discussed in order to settle on which will be the right one for your circumstances.

The procedure itself can often be done using only a local anesthetic, in order to keep your eye from moving during the surgery. This will allow you to be awake throughout the process. Our Bayside ophthalmologist will remove your cornea using a special cutting instrument called a trephine. The cornea transplant will be carefully placed and then sewn using very thin stitches so that it is securely in position. Rest assured that Dr. Mike uses only state of the art equipment to ensure the best possible results. Successful cornea transplants will last at least 10 years.

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